Providing services to injured workers since 1990.

Satisfied Clients...

I wanted to let you know how pleased we are that Tyler Trombley is the QRC for our son. We have found Tyler to be prompt, thorough and of great assistance to [...]. Tyler has done a great job of informing [...] as to the process in going through this very unfortunate injury. He has also been helpful to my husband and I but more than that, he has been thoughtful and compassionate in his dealings with our family. We are grateful for his work and we wanted to pass along our appreciation.
-- P.K., mother of client
At Askew Rehabilitation Services, we provide a full range of Vocational Rehabilitation Services to persons with functional or cognitive impairments, industrial or personal injuries.  It is our goal at ARS to help each and every client with which we come into contact.  Our services help overcome barriers to accessing, maintaining or returning to employment or other useful occupation, regardless of the difficulty of our client's circumstances.

We also have a Spanish speaking QRC and have well developed rapport with other interpretation services. Our consultants are all culturally sensitive and respect the rights of all parties.

We are an independent firm with no affiliations.  Our staff of QRCs, placement specialists and evaluators work with Minnesota Worker's Compensation cases, as well as provide vocational evaluations and expert witness testimony.  We welcome all inquiries and can address all aspects of your client's vocational rehabilitation needs.
Satisfied Clients...
"It was so nice to meet you! You have a wonderful business there! All of your employees (that I have met) are absolutely awesome!! Also wanted to say that I'm so impressed with all the information that you have.  I felt much better after talking with you. It feels like you are so alone and everyone in the world is against you, when you are in my situation. I'm so glad that [xxxx] had recommended your firm to me after we got rid of [xxxx]."
-- M.W., former client
"...I believe that [his] participating in all of the vocational activities you recommended, including the classes, the job search and the health club, have really improved his confidence in his abilities and his motivation to pursue his goals. He is in a far better place than when he started this process and I hope that you will take some credit for all you did to help him to get his life back on track. I hope that we will have an opportunity to work on another case together some time. [Mpls Attorney}
Thank you so much for what you do...if people like us didn't have people like you to help us in our battle against ... unfair treatment, most of us would just roll over and "give in."  I can't even put my appreciation into words because it is so vast.  Whether we win or lose, I want you to know that I/we think you did a great job on the report.
-- C.H., former client
I thought I would send you a short update on my progress. I am starting my second week of school. Things are goin well. Other students are helping me with my computer skills..(or lack of)> I would like to thank you and your staff for all the help they have given me. I feel things worked out as best as they could have considering where we started.
-- S.R., former client
Thank you so much for the great report you did on ****. It just could not have been better...very, very pleased with it. Based on that report. the State of Minnesota is now requesting a continuance of our hearing on  *'s Minnesota State Retirement System disability pension because they may want to get some sort of vocational analysis or something...I just wanted to thank you very much for attending to this and doing just a super job.
--  A.K. former client